We highly recommend Crooked House to any firm who is looking to develop their communications strategies and become more efficient.” Bas van Berkel, President, StormFisher

StormFisher Biogas

Crooked House worked with StormFisher to help them align their internal communications and refocus their project teams to streamline their to–market process. In addition Crooked House worked with StormFisher’s designer to redesign their tradeshow materials and helped them align their communications tools so that customers and investors had consistent communications provided to them.

Beltech Engineering

Crooked House is helping Beltech Engineering to develop their brand image and target new markets in the Industrial Air Pollution Control industry. This includes refocusing their communications such as brochures and website to more clearly articulate their offering.

The Solution Studio

Crooked House is working with the Solution Studio to help brand and promote their line of proprietary software packages. In addition Crooked House is assisting with client communications and overall brand awareness of the Solution Studio.

Redpath Mining

Crooked House completed a market survey for Redpath Mining that surveyed a number of their existing and potential clients. This survey looked at current attitudes toward Redpath and their competitors and provided recommendations on ways they could improve relationships and develop better proposals for clients in the Canadian market.

Queens University Department
of Psychiatry

Crooked House is working with the Department of Psychiatry to help them develop positioning to better attract prospective students, staff, corporate research contracts and other funding. This task is unique because the department is spread across a number of institutions with existing brands and areas of clinical expertise.