By asking the
right questions.

What do you really do?

Technology companies often have the design skills to develop a breakthrough product or service but fail to effectively communicate its benefits and features in a manner that can be easily understood. We help develop a communications strategy that provides consumers and investors with a clear understanding of your offering and link you with the tools and services to target your message so your advertising and communications initiatives deliver the returns you need.

Where should you be?

With such a wide range of media it can be hard to know where to spend your media dollars and what kind of materials you need to provide. We will develop advertising briefs and a media strategy to help your advertising or design agency to develop effective materials and zero in on key media including trade publications and shows that get your company noticed.


What's going on inside?

Small companies need to work fast and lean but this often leads to responsibilities being shared. This can lead to conflicting information being shared about the company that can aggravate investors and confuse customers. We will help you consolidate and simplify your communications by helping you align your projects communications and information flow. We do this by developing the document and communication templates you need to quickly provide accurate and up–to–date information so you can stay focused on developing your company.